Interview with Tom Cronin on the benefits of Stillness and Meditation

Deb Carr interviewed Tom Cronin regarding the benefits of “Stillness”
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Tom Cronin

Tom Cronin

Tom Cronin is known as The Stillness Guy. After meditating twice a day for 17 years he’d want to be!

He wasn’t always known as The Stillness Guy though. Tom started out as a broker in finance in 1987, trading for banks in the fast paced world of global markets.

It didn’t take long before he was swept along by the current of frenzied activity, extravagant marketing (read long lunches and late nights), partying hard and lots of adrenalin.

After a number of years living this imbalanced lifestyle, Tom fell into a dark spiral. He started experiencing intense panic attacks which developed into clinical depression.

This became a debilitating time in Tom’s life as he looked into a seemingly bottomless abyss. Faced with the western medicine option of pharmaceutical dependency he was uninspired to go down such a path and dug deep to extract an inner determination to find his own way out of it.

While exploring alternative avenues he came across a meditation technique that was like an instant awakening. He knew immediately that it was what he was seeking all his life. His experience was so profound and his healing so quick, that he became inspired to embrace teacher training in Australia, India and Bali so that he may spread the message of the power of meditation.

Now, he travels the world presenting in his calm, warm and soothing manner about the importance of Stillness. Blending scientific and spiritual dialogue, he inspires audiences through stories of his own journey as well as anicent Vedic wisdom.

He was invited to speak at Awesomenessfest in Mexico and Mindvalley HQ in Malaysia and has MC’d book launches.

He is an inspirational figure guiding retreat attendees on transformational pilgrims to Bali twice a year under his One Life Retreat business and holds weekly discourse at his open meditation nights.

Tom’s presenting skills endear him to audiences and he leaves them inspired with hope that change is possible. More than just a meditation teacher he is now on the world stage as a transformational and inspirational leader.

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